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About Bluebell Goldendoodles

Home-Raised - Never Kenneled

BlueBell Goldendoodles is located on a small farm in central Illinois near beautiful Lake Shelbyville.  I am a Goldendoodle breeder who raises my puppies in my home rather than a kennel.  From the time my puppies are born until they are put into your arms these little babies are handled with loving hands and are well-socialized with my grandchildren, hubby and me. My adult dogs are all genetically disease tested before breeding.

God has created these little furry creatures for our comfort and I am just lucky enough to be the one He gives the responsibility to nurture and help mold their little personality and then on pickup day feel like Santa Claus putting a little puppy into your arms that will change your family's life forever.   Is there anything better than that?

Our Grandson, Nicholas, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2009 and thanks be to God and the talented doctors at St. Judes he is now a healthy 15-year-old young man. Please consider donating to this amazing organization by clicking HERE.

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