Goldendoodle Breeder


Goldendoodle Breeder


"Thank you so much for choosing us to be Bailey's forever family.  He has brought us so much joy after losing our Sebastian last October so suddenly.  I believe the interaction you had with the puppies went a long way with the adjustment he made when we brought him home (he has not kept us up at night, not even once).  I  especially appreciated the way you kept us up-dated with emails  about his daily antics and especially  the pictures of our Bailey that you sent us often after we were chosen for his forever home.  I think that anyone looking for a puppy could not choose a better breeder.  I don't think you are just a breeder, you truly love and care about each and every puppy which was evident in the way our Bailey behaves now.  I also want to thank you for allowing us to come down to your home and meet Bailey, his parents and siblings.  My husband and I felt extremely welcome and felt like we had known you and Bruce all of our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and rest assured he is well loved."

Mel & Judy

Springfield, IL

To anyone who is looking for the perfect loving dog:

"I was able to find Lorraine and Bruce by luck. It was the day I had to put down my loving Rocket of 14 years. It was a very hard day. That evening I found Lorraine and Bruce. I called them right away when I saw they had puppies. They both were  the kindest people. I spoke with both of them on the phone. By the end of the conversation with Lorraine, I felt like I knew her for a long time. I could tell how loving people they both were and passionate about their new puppies. I quickly reserved a puppy to be brought home. We picked up Shadow on July 28th. It was a great day. Our beautiful Goldendoodle is our love of our life. He is the smartest dog. He has never been crated, and he has the run of our house when we are gone. He does not destroy anything when we are gone. I do leave a pee pad down for him, in case he needs to go to the bathroom. His intelligence as a puppy is remarkable. He is so friendly, follows us all over. He loves to sleep on the air conditioning vent too!!! If anyone is looking for a beautiful puppy look no further than Lorraine  and Bruce. They had the puppies inside. It was such a great experience. Good luck to everybody who are granted one of the sweetest puppies, and wonderful for people who suffer from allergies. Both my daughter and husband have allergies and have not been sick once from our Shadow.  And once again, Thank you Lorraine and Bruce for a wonderful blessing you granted my family.    Sincerely,"

Michelle and Tom 

and Giana.. my daughter

Naperville, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder

Walter & Tank

"In the late winter, Nicholas and I decided that we wanted to bring home a new member of the family. With all the competition between breeders, we set out in the sometimes difficult journey of finding our new pup. From the minute I began corresponding with Lorraine I knew that she would have the pup for us. Her thorough application process showed her care and commitment to finding her puppies a terrific home. After happily committing to Bluebell Goldendoodles we waited for Walter to arrive. From beginning to the end Nick and I truly felt like a part of the process. We were given updates on the mother’s progress and condition during pregnancy and Lorraine even called me the day they were born to announce the exciting news. Although, we lived 4 hours away we received constant updates and pictures. It was exciting and comforting to be a part of Walter’s young life. Lorraine not only sent pictures but helpful information to prepare us for Walter coming home. As first time pet owners, this advice was priceless. To this day, I stay in touch with Lorraine and find great joy in hearing about Walter’s litter mates. We are especially lucky, because Walter came home with us, but his brother also came home with my parents! My parents chose Tank to be a member of their home. Now, all in all, the Armstrong’s and Johnson’s have 3 goldendoodles! We often get together for dinners and family days and bring all 3 dogs which makes this time hectic, crazy, but most importantly fun! Without our dogs our lives would be far less exciting and full of love. I am thankful to have found Bluebell Goldendoodles and the silly, smart, personable, and loving member of our family, Walter."

               Nikki & Nick (Walter) & Kathy & Marty (Tank)

                 East Moline, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


Goldendoodle Breeder


"I had been looking for a golden doodle breeder off and and for about two years when I thankfully got in touch with Lorraine. When I inquired through email, she asked if I would call. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to get my name on the waiting list. She was so friendly and informative right from the start. I looked forward to the updates she sent regularly to let me know how Misha's pregnancy was going and was thrilled to get weekly pictures of the new puppies. When I went to pick out Numan I felt right at home and got a chance to meet Numan and all the family. Since I have had him Lorraine and I have become the best of friends. We took an obedience class together, and  her daughter, Meaghan, was kind enough to board Numan when we went on a family vacation. Anytime I have any questions or concerns, I know I can count on Lorraine or Meghan to help. Numan has become my forever companion. He has definitely won my heart! Thanks Lorraine for being my new best friend!"

Pam & Mick Butz

Bethany, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"Here is Stella! We are loving her! She is the greatest most of the time, but can get naughty! Yesterday she took out my mums as fast as I could plant them. lol"

DeVries Family

Moline, IL

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help us get our little girl. She is the best thing to happen to us since we had our boys. The endless love Bella gives is amazing and makes even the crappiest day better. She is a crazy cuddle bug. There is nothing she likes more than to curl up on the couch next to me as I read. Our neighbors know her by name, but not our boys, lol. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is. When we went trick or treating, it was ridiculous how many comments we heard people making about her in her little tutu. Thank you again for everything! We love her and feel so fortunate to have her. Derek really makes me sick when he is fawning over her. He'll say hi to her and love her up, before he even acknowledges the boys and myself when he gets home from work."

Samantha, Derek & family

Kenosha, WI

Goldendoodle Breeder


"He is doing really good!! We love him so much!! He is growing SOOOO fast!! He just has the best personality!! Thank you so much!!  We really love him!"

Boyer Family

Sullivan, IL


We were thinking about you and wanted to give you an update on Kimber. Shes 6 months old and weighs 40 pounds, was spayed last month, and is a great addition to our family. We have been socializing her at the dog park, she even has a few puppy friends that she sees everyday, and loves playing with them. She has recently started swimming in Lake Michigan, and loves it, especially if you throw a ball in the water. She graduated puppy classes through Petco, and has learned lots of good tricks. She knows all her basic commands plus a few fun ones. We have recently discussed having Kimber go through training to become a therapy dog. She loves to interact with our friends and families, and especially likes playing with other dogs (she even has a goldendoodle friend). We are so glad to have Kimber in our lives, can't imagine life without her.  Thanks again,"

Brandon and Aubree

Grand Rapids, MI

Goldendoodle Breeder


"She is a special girl!  Right now we are taking a tricks class. She can high five with either paw, sit, play dead, roll over and bow. Of course we do these with the help of treats!  I am going to try teaching her to dance. This one might be hard but I'm sure it will be fun. Shelby just wants to please everyone. She also goes to train and play once a week at a place called Smarty Paws. She loves it. If I don't get out of the car fast enough when we get there she will push me!  She is so funny!!"

Debbie & Don

Mertz Ford, Millstadt, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder





"Mila is wonderful! She is so smart and sweet. Sadie loves her so much and she has definitely taken to Sadie. She is feisty and definitely the dominant pup. She sleeps with my daughter and since she has come to live with us Sadie has not been chewing when we leave the house. They both stay in the kitchen while we are gone and are angels. We are completely in love with this sweet baby. When I hold her she nuzzles her head in my neck. ❤️I am not sure how you did it but she is completely potty trained. That is amazing for such a young pup. Mila is definitely a great addition to our family."

 Linda Abramowicz

Oregon, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"Working with Lorraine was fantastic! She always kept us up to date with how our puppy was doing with pictures and emails. She was very flexible, allowing us to come see him ahead of time and for scheduling pickup. On top of all that our puppy had a great head start on socialization thanks to Lorraine. We are very glad we chose Bella Goldendoodles for our new addition to the family!"                 

 Derek & Debra

 Springfield, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"Where do we begin? Working with Lorraine was a great experience. From the first phone call I made to inquire about Bluebell Goldendoodles to taking our little guy home, we loved it! Getting pictures along the way was an added bonus and made us even more excited to meet our little puppy! We couldn't wait to hold him. When we finally picked him up we knew we had a sweet and loving puppy who had been loved like we would love him. He was already potty trained and introduced to a crate so it would make the process much easier for us. Working with Lorraine and  Bluebell Goldendoodles was a great experience, and it made getting our puppy that much more of an enjoyable experience. We keep in touch and send updated pictures of Murphy often!  He is a funny, loving and playful little guy who we couldn't love more."

Rebecca Cole,

Naperville, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"It has been a year this July since we lost our golden retriever, Abby.  She was a month shy of 14 years, and we missed her so much.  In the fall I started looking for a reputable goldendoodle breeder in east central Illinois and boy, did I luck out!!  Initially I started acquainting myself to the breed.  I called up a website for goldendoodles in east central Illinois and found “Bella Goldendoodles” and Lorraine Manola in Shelbyville, Illinois.  I liked the website and made my contact via internet.  To make a long story short I instantly liked her immediate response.  After several e-mails back and forth I decided to make a commitment for a puppy.  It seems I made a friend in the process.  Lorraine is the best!  She kept us informed every step of the way from the breeding through the birth, vaccinations, pictures, and pointers for taking care of and concerns of raising a puppy.  She started the house breaking process and crate training which has been wonderful!  Lorraine gave the puppies so much extra love and attention like extra feeding to cuddling, and we love it.  She truly loves these babies, and all her dogs.  My husband was so impressed by what I expressed to him that he was with me the whole way.  When we met Lorraine it was as if we had known her for a long time.  Maddie, our golden doodle is so precious.  She became an immediate member of our family.  When we picked Maddie up to bring her home she was healthy, clean and just beautiful!!  Lorraine and her husband, Bruce are truly good people, and great breeders."

Diana Bailey

Marshall, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder



"Kona is great! He sits on command every single time. He's working on laying now which he almost has down! He almost never has accidents and is doing well in his crate. He's a cutie.  We are truly blessed to have had Kona brought into our lives!"


Ashley, Paula and Larry Asher

Gurnee, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"I wanted to write to give you a brief update on Grizzly!  Life with him has been very busy!  The little guy keeps me on my toes all the time lol!  He has been such a great addition to our little family and my husband and I and our entire family completely adore him.  He is such a fun, lively and intelligent pup.  He knows sit, down, off (for when he is biting something he shouldn't) and jump up.  He is also growing like a weed!  At his last vet visit this past Friday he weighed in at 27 pounds!  I was quite shocked when I heard that!  Grizzly is just a great puppy and I wanted to thank you both for all of the effort you put into raising him and helping him as a little puppy!  He sleeps in his crate all through the night and does not fuss at all.  He is doing really good with potty-training and his accidents are few and far between.  In the mornings after I have taken him to go potty, he joins us for some snuggles on our bed :).  Thank you both again so much for our little puppy, we cannot imagine life without him now!"


-Jalissa Gonzalez

Berwyn, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder



"We are doing great ,  Tristan now weights 17 pounds.  He is changing so fast and is into everything .  He is so funny and has a great time in the back yard with all the kids to play with.   In the mornings Tristan is so loving and cuddly.  We sit out in the swing every morning and then play with all his toys until he gets tired. I have fallen in love with such a special companion and do not know what  I would do without him.  My days and Tristan's are so full of  joy and a new happiness that we both needed.  Tristan is going to get fixed and a chip around the end of Julyand start obedience classes.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRISTAN AND THE LOVE YOU PUT IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!      May God bless you because you are an angel."                           

Sharon Eberhardt

Sullivan, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"Sadie is doing great and the boys are taking great care of her.  She has been on golf cart rides, to grandma's house, boat rides and car rides to lots of places.  She is just as sweet as ever and people can't get enough of her sweet and smart personality.  Our neighbor has an adult goldendoodles and Sadie plays with him in our backyard once a week.  They have a great time!"

Nieman Family

Taylorville, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


"My family and I have been thrilled with our experience with Lorraine and with our dog, Scout.  As first time dog owners, Lorraine was diligent in making sure we were ready for the responsibility of owning a dog and then was in regular contact throughout the process; even sending helpful messages months after we had picked up Scout.  We were amazed at how well Scout was socialized when we brought her home - house training, basic commands and even dealing with strangers all came very quickly to her."


Jeb Metric Family

Oak Park, IL


Goldendoodle Breeder


"Since bringing Claire home, we’ve received so many compliments on how beautiful she is, how well behaved she is, etc. Everyone has asked where we got her and who the breeder was. Even our vet was surprised at how calm she was. It’s all a testament to Lorraine, and how much she works with her puppies before they go to their forever homes. She truly gives her dogs the best possible start in life, making it that much easier for us to continue and build on the training she provided.


Even before we brought her home, she was wonderful about keeping us up to date on Misha’s progress before they were born and Claire’s progress afterwards. I feel like over the course of the several months we corresponded through email, I really got comfortable with Lorraine. When we got to meet Lorraine, her husband, and our puppy, I felt like I already knew them.


Our family couldn’t be happier with the new addition and I believe we made the best choice in breeders when we chose Bluebell Goldendoodles."


Nichole Scott & Jerome Jose

St. Louis, MO

Goldendoodle Breeder


My fiancee and I wanted a puppy and so we began researching.  After doing some research we had our hearts set on a goldendoodle.  I found myself regularly searching the internet for breeders.  I came across Lorraine and there was no more need to search any further.  Lorraine took the time to get to know me and asked questions that showed how much she cares for her puppies and the homes they go to.  After Lorraine got to know use we picked our puppy, Kedzie.  Kedzie is sweet, smart, and a very energetic girl.  SWe absolutely love Kedzie and could not imagine our lives without her now.  She is so smart!  She has learned to sit with no trouble what so ever.  She is currently working on lay down, paw, leave it, and stay.  She loves being outside, going on walks, and playing with her toys (which she has a lot of).  I would recommend Lorraine and her puppies to anyone!

Donna Jurinek Family 

Romeoville, IL


Goldendoodle Breeder


"She is growing sooo quickly!!  I am pretty sure she  is going to be a big girl!!  We go to the vet this week for the next round of shots and I will bet she is at least 25# - if not 32. She is an amazingly smart girl and about the sweetest little thing ever!  She gives you those eyes (she is so black that is about all you can see) and you are in for.... She loves ice cubes - if you get anything from the fridge she will sit perfectly until you provide her with a cube...and if you forget, she will remind you with a bark. We ordered the shed antlers and they have been a life-saver!!  She has been gnawing on them for weeks now...always one within reach - just in case we need to redirect. She loves her big brother, Freddy. They play a lot, which is saying something since he is 10+ years old, and she seems to be giving him a bit of spring in his step. Potty training was really nonexistent, she took to it without much direction - accidents now are mostly a result of us being lazy.  She is very doodley in the sense that she doesn't care to potty in the rain...her precious little feet don't want to get wet for a little potty-time, a walk is a different story. (Freddy is the same way...he will go hours and hours of it is raining). We have had lots of adventures. She has spent many days on the houseboat on Lake Shelbyville. She is a great swimmer and sports a very stylish life jacket when she is anywhere near the water...yes I know she is a water dog, but she is still little and tires so easily that we thought it was a good idea, but you can imagine the looks we got...."

Michelle Kelm Family

Springfield, IL

Goldendoodle Breeder


When you decide the time is right to get a new puppy, your first hope is that you get the perfect dog with a perfect coat and the most wonderful personality, but the fact of the matter is, there are so many uncontrollable factors that make it impossible to know what kind of puppy you will eventually be bringing home. There is one factor you can control, though, and that is to pick the right breeder. When it came time for me to find Finch, I knew I wanted her to come from a breeder who had the experience needed to take care of a new born puppy but I did not want someone who was simply in the business of selling puppies. Bluebell Goldendoodles was the perfect fit for me because Lorraine and her family were not only dedicated to making sure each puppy got the love and care they deserved, but they also were dedicated to helping me prepare to bring my puppy home. From day one I was kept informed about the health and wellness of my puppy, and any questions or concerns I had were quickly answered. Furthermore, when the day finally came for me to bring Finch home I got a puppy who was playful, well socialized, and eager to love. Ultimately, there are many things one cannot control when it comes to finding the perfect puppy, but if you're looking for a puppy that has been loved and well cared for from day one, Bluebell Goldendoodles is the place.


Thank you! Elizabeth Kelly, Carlinville, IL


Elizabeth Kelly

Carlinville, IL


We wanted to thank you sooo much for our "little" Jack! He is the sweetest, lovable boy. When he stands on his hind legs, he's almost as tall as me. At almost 6 months old, he's a little over 50 lbs. He is full of energy, but he loves going outside and run. We've enrolled him in an obedience class and is the smartest one there! He catches on so quick and is always happy! Very fun to be his fur mommy and daddy. Your future parents are lucky to get a fur ever puppy from you!

Julie & Scott Brooks

Mechanicsburg, IL

My daughter is an only child as of now.  Immediately upon Sammy coming to our home, the two bonded like siblings. They love on each other like siblings, play together like siblings, and fight (play fight of course) like siblings. Just the other day, my daughter was playing the role of doctor and performing several examination type tests on Sammy with her toys. Sammy just sat calmly and participated like a good patient. They love each other so much she is like the sibling my daughter does not yet have. Our little Goldendoodle is extremely protective of my daughter too. If she is upset and crying (she is 3, so that halppens quite often), Sammy is right by her side and sometimes even barking at me to make sure she is okay. She snuggles with her at night in bed and sits right next to her in the car on rides. Not only is she extremely good with my daughter and I, but smart as a whip.  Do not let that cute face fool you, this breed is active, intuitive and a great addition to our family.



Nicole Hansel

Springfield, IL