Taking reservations for Fall litters.
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 Solid Color - $1,450

 Abstract Color $1575

 Creamy White $1,600

Parti Color   $1,675

 Abstract/Tux Color $1,700

 Tuxedo Color  $1,950

 Pet Only - I do not ship.

I do not raise mini doodles.

Standard F1b Only

50+ lbs

No breeding rights - Pet Only.​



No breeding rights. -- Pet Only 

 REQUIRED:  Vet appointment for a well check is required within 72 hours of pickup.

I do not guarantee color, coat or size because Mother Nature seems to be in charge of that.

Breeder reserves first pick.

Colors and shades of: Reds, Apricots, Creams, Champagne,Chocolate, black and/or any color born out of our Red or Chocolate lines.


We do not allow visitors.

I do not ship

Picking Process:

Breeder reserves first pick of litter.   Once I have a puppy for you I will contact you by text based on the order deposits are paid. Pictures and video will be sent for you to see at that time. I do have a time frame to get back to me so please be considerate to the next one in line. The deposit will go towards the price of the puppy.  The balance will be due in cash at pickup. The puppy will be ready for pickup at 8 weeks.   


Can I see my puppy before it is time to pick it up?

As of June, 2015 upon the advice of my veterinarian I am no longer having visiting days.  Puppies are very susceptible to many diseases.   I send pictures and videos once a week  up to 4 weeks. The Number one suspect is the well known deadly parvo virus which is considered the most deadly of all dog diseases. Canine parvovirus  is very contagious and can survive for several months (most is believed that it lasts up to 2 years) living in the surrounding environment, and this cruel disease is also resistant to many disinfectants. Infection can occur directly or indirectly through contact with infected dogs or cats (cats are carriers but do not get this virus), but also through indirect contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. Our number one priority is our puppies safety above all and as you can see this can and will cost us dearly! The Dog Flu that started in Chicago has spread across the country has been a very big concern for breeders.

My goal is to put a very healthy puppy into your arms and I know that

would be any new puppy owner's goal too.

Revised (November, 2021)